For players interested in joining our travel club, here is a bit of information to give you an idea of what to expect.


Our tryout registration generally opens in September.  We update our home page on the website with the registration link once it’s open.  We also post this information on our Williamson Wildcats Facebook page and the Williamson Families Facebook page.  Online registration is required for all players desiring a roster position on a Wildcats team.  We also hold physical tryouts for just the U11 and U13 levels, usually in September/October, depending on availability of board members and volunteers to run the event.


We hold practices on Sundays from about mid-December through March, other than a couple of weeks through that stretch.  We also schedule turf time for each team several Friday evenings during the indoor season.


There is a break from April through about mid-May, until the school and Town Park fields are cleared for use once they have dried out enough in the spring.  At that point, the outdoor season begins, and individual coaches will set up practice schedules for their respective teams, generally holding practices once or twice a week.


Games begin around mid-June and run through the end of July.  There are typically 10 games.  Some coaches set up tournaments or leagues that players are able to participate in as well (these may involve an additional fee for players).


Our Club Bylaws (WWSC BYLAWS 9-28-2020) and Parent-Player contract (WWSC Parent_Player contract) are also helpful resources.


We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please e-mail us at: