Indoor Season:

Runs from December to March

Indoor practices are on Sundays at the Williamson Sr. High/Elementary School.

High School 4-Feb 11-Feb 25-Feb   Elementary School 4-Feb 11-Feb 25-Feb
12:00 BU18 BU18 BU18   12:00 BU11-A BU11-A BU11-A
1:00 BU15 BU15 BU15   1:00 BU11-B BU11-B BU11-B
2:00 GU13 GU13 GU13   2:00 GU11-A GU11-A GU11-A
3:00 BU13 BU13 BU13   3:00 GU11-B GU11-B GU11-B
4:00 GU15 GU15 GU15          
5:00 GU18 GU18 GU18          

March High School Gym times

High School 4-Mar 11-Mar 18-Mar 25-Mar
12:00 GU11A&B GU11A BU13 BU13
1:00 GU15 GU15 BU15 BU15
2:00 GU18 GU18 BU11A BU11A&B
3:00 GU13 GU13 BU11B BU18
4:00 BU11B BU11A&B GU11B GU11B
5:00 BU13 BU13 GU11A GU11A
6:00 BU15 BU15 GU15 GU15
7:00 BU18 BU18 GU13 GU18

 There is also training time at NVP Sports Park

701 Phillips Rd in Webster on Friday nights.

Team training times are posted below. 

2018 Turf schedule
2/16/2018 BU11B 7:00-8:00 BU15 8:00-9:30 GU15 9:30-10:30
3/2/2018 BU11A 7:00-8:30 BU18 8:30-9:30 BU13 9:30-10:30
3/9/2018 BU11B 7:00-8:30 BU13 8:30-9:30 BU15 9:30-10:30
3/16/2018 GU11A 7:00-8:00 GU15 8:00-9:00 GU18 9:00-10:30
3/23/2018 GU11B 7:00-8:30 GU13 8:30-9:30
BU18 9:30-10:30

    Summer Season:

Outdoor practices may begin in May once we have permission from the School to use the fields.

Games run from Beginning of June to the end of July.  

Usual Game Days during summer:

BU11- Monday and Wednesday

BU13- Tuesday and Friday

BU15- Monday and Thursday

BU18- Sunday and Wednesday

GU11- Tuesday and Thursday

GU13- Monday and Thursday

GU15- Wednesday and Friday

GU18- Sunday and Tuesday

*It is not guaranteed that all of your games will be on these specific dates.

Games schedules and field loactions will also be posted on