As the Wildcats organization continues to get bigger, the modes of communication that we have as a club need to evolve as well.  Parents and Players need to feel comfortable that they can approach the board individually or as a group to address these issues because failing to do so can lead to non-productive actions.  

    As the board we personally have experienced hesitancy about voicing a concern, for fear that there would be negative consequences for our children if the coach was not receptive to our concerns.  We feel as a board we need to be aware of and be open to the issues and concerns that either parents, players, or coaches may be having and to offer them a format to share.  If we were afraid to address issue with a coach, there are likely other parents or players who feel the same way. 

     In order to make sure we are an open organization we have engaged a person to be a parent/player liaison.  In order to assure as much fairness and comfort as possible, we have established an anonymous forum for players and parents to give us feedback and on a monthly basis the Board will review these comments.  We feel that by providing this service, we ensure a vehicle for people to openly communicate with us without fear of repercussions.  Perhaps if we can evaluate all of the issues collectively as a group, we can perceive patterns and problems more clearly and can finally be proactive with many of these issues before they become a firestorm.  This will be our electronic suggestion box that is only accessible to our parent liaison.  Only the board knows who the parent/player liaison is and when reports are issued to the board on a monthly basis no personal information about the submitter will be shared with the board.  An Email account has been established by the parent/player liaison and is now open for any of your issues or concerns.  Any positive feedback can also be sent to the parent/player liaison and that too will be shared with the board.


Thank you

WWSC Board